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CNN American Morning.

CNN ‘American Morning’:. This segment explores the links between genocide, rape, and increasing rates of HIV / AIDS in Rwanda and healthcare facilities in the country Partners in Health in conjunction with the Clinton Foundation run. This segment includes comments from Jeannette Kagame, First Lady of Rwanda, and an HIV-positive Rwandan woman (Gupta, ‘American Morning ‘, A transcript of the segment is available online.

The complete segment is available online in Windows Media. RCI Canada today in Europe : The program on Wednesday told former President Clinton statements on HIV prevention programs based on only abstinence and the use of male circumcision, focusing spread of HIV spread of HIV (Craig, Canada in Europe in Europe, the complete segment is available online in Windows Media.. Radio Canada International Canada today to Africa : the program on Wednesday examined, the number of HIV – positive Native Canadians the segment includes comments from RCI Lyne – Francoise Pelletier, who is for the AIDS conference (Travis, Canada today to Africa .