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Despite this recognition of the importance of nitric oxide in the formation of nerve cell connections, scientists know about little the mechanisms the mechanisms examine the Leicester BBSRC-funded project , is directly the relationship between the effects of nitric oxide on the growth of nerve cells and the formation of nerve cell connections Straub explained disfuncao eretil como tratar . studying these processes in higher animals complexity complexity of their nervous system Fortunately , evolution has very conservative have decided to use have decided to use the nervous system of the common pond snail, which is considerable. Less complex than the nervous system of higher animals, such as mice, as a model system. – The worm individual nerve are are relatively large and easy to see they are accessible for experimental manipulations. Snail neurons can from the nervous system from the nervous system and maintained in cell culture, where they grow and form functional connections. The fundamental processes and the fundamental processes and factors that of nerve cells and of nerve cells and the formation of functional connections are highly conserved in all animals is. .

The research of Dr. Volko Straub, a Research Councils UK fellow in the University out of Cell Physiology and Pharmacology, new insights new insights as to why nitric oxide plays such an important role in many types of learning. – Dr Straub: ‘The gas nitric oxide has two faces can highly toxic and kill but also occur naturally in the brain, by nerve cells, by nerve cells, found So while it communicate So while it can be toxic, the body also uses it advantageously. As an internal signal ‘.

The new system.

The new system, called CTX, is the 3 – D capability of CT scanners and the real-time motion tracking cinefluoroscopy combine. CTX technology is expected to images with exceptional accuracy and detail. Researchers will be able to 3-D skeletal movements with 0.1 millimeter closely and see. The equivalent of 1,000 CT images per second.

###Based in Los Angeles, the WM Keck Foundation in 1954, founded by the late WM Keck, founder of the Superior Oil Company. The foundation grant-making focuses primarily on pioneering efforts in the areas of medical research, science and technology. The Foundation also administers a program for the undergraduate and humanities education and a Southern California Grant Program that provides support in the areas of health care, to support civil and social services, education and culture, with a special emphasis on children.