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And colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Shiriki K. Kumanyika, and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, conducted a two-year study with a culturally specific weight loss program among 344 African American men and women. Achieve the target was, and maintain, 5 % to 10 % weight loss. All participants nts of the program on the advice that encouraged self-monitoring visits of food intake and physical activity, the distribution of pedometers, group sessions with weight and activity checks and skill building , and community-based field workshops such as cooking demonstrations and gym.

Obesity and its cardiovascular complications affect many African-Americans, according to background information in the article. Standard behavioral treatments for obesity appear to be less successful in African Americans than in whites. Cultural changes to these standard programs – such as the inclusion of family members and networks – can increase its effectiveness.

An alcoholic.

An alcoholic. HereditaryA study by the research group of Alcoholism and drug addiction, the University of Granada , although it has become no specific reasons, an alcoholic, many social, family, environmental and genetic factors may lead can its development. Thanks to this study, researchers have shown that the lack of endorphin is hereditary, and thus that there. A genetic predisposition to become addicted to alcohol – Beta-endorphin is a kind of morphine the brain in response to various situations, such as released pain.

Department of Medicine, University of Granada.Contact: Professor Jos?. With regard to the results of this study, Professor Rico following: alcohol – abuse prevention must locate and identify genetically susceptible individuals exist. Other campaigns for children and adolescents should these young people these young people into contact with alcohol. Alcohol awareness is essential for prevention of addiction, the researchers confirming, because alcohol is a drug with reversible effects to a certain point. With respect to n Botell culture? , Rico says that some of these social drinkers could have low beta-endorphin levels and should therefore be a high tendency solitary drinkers and alcohol abuse develop.