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In industrialized countries in recent decades.

In industrialized countries in recent decades, back pain to an epidemic. About 60 percent to 90 percent of people have some sort of back pain at least once in their life experience. Of which 30 percent to 50 percent include neck pain, 16 percent to 20 percent of chest pain, and more than 70 percent of of low back pain. From these figures, about 95 percent are non-specific back pain. A rehab program can be as effective as surgery Prof. Van Kleef said:.

There is Pain Recovery Time Unclear what many problems to become chronic Following After professionals on EFIC Congress – Pain in Europe VII Hamburg, the prognosis for non-specific back pain, which was already an epidemic in the developed world, even worse than generally recognized. This pain to a specific to a specific disease requires further research and rehabilitation efforts when treatments should be increased and improved. There is is some hope that such efforts to develop..