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Interim Deputy Director for Science and Health at the CDC.

‘I do not think we out of the woods yet'(Grady, New York Times.. ‘ mild pandemic ‘ CDC officials said Friday that the current H1N1 strain is fast enough even even be a mild pandemic are classified from Sunday disseminated CDC has confirmed 226 cases of H1N1 flu in 30 states Anne Schuchat, Interim Deputy Director for Science and Health at the CDC, said on Sunday:. Thinking ‘I, said on Friday, throughout the United States ‘, added:’The virus has arrived, I would say now in many parts of the country ‘However, most U.S. Cases were mild, which is a positive indicator for Schuchat However she said.

The plan would require the federal government to apologize debt by the state for past overspending over and funded by redirecting money that now goes to LSU Charity Hospital System for the treatment of uninsured patients. The plan would also be savings through better coordinated care. However, said Louisiana Hospital Association President John Matessino, the changes ‘The hospitals here are very happy as we are concerned to pay it ‘ said Jindal plan to $ to 350 million in one-time federal dollars to use, the program is funded, J time in the future, we will money money with state funds ‘(Shuler, Baton Rouge Advocate.