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Misfolding is a sensitive methodUntil now.

– The results of Susanne is one of the biggest labor: that if you use this process only slightly disturbed, the cell can deal with it and get rid of it, Serio said. The dogma in the field is that these conformations so abnormal the cell resolve resolve them were. But what we have found that this process of misfolding is so efficient the cells can not keep up with it. If you do it just a little bit less efficient the cell can get rid of the pathological state. .. Misfolding is a sensitive methodUntil now, most scientists believed that the only way to get the runaway misfolding think was and assumed the and assumed the mutants must block the first step to the protein in to keep a harmless form. DiSalvo work instead suggests that there are many opportunities throughout the process, which could give also a mild intervention cells what they need to get the upper hand, Serio said.

DiSalvo experiments showed how the mutants and cells together to work. Cells only be cured if they both add a mutant and allowed the cells to work their own quality assurance. Adding the mutant G58D, could heal as a cell of infection by the Sup35 prion, but if they disturbed the cell quality assurance system then G58D would not work. Other authors on the paper include Brown researchers Aaron Derdowski and John Pezza.