134 adolescents in metropolitan Houston.

The sign criteria for insomnia, based on the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, includes problems initiating sleep, problems maintaining sleep, early morning awakening and nonrestorative rest over the past four weeks. In the original screening, 27 % experienced one of more symptoms of insomnia, 7 % had a number of symptoms of insomnia plus daytime fatigue or sleepiness or both, and 5 % met the DSM clinical medical diagnosis criteria, which efforts to eliminate other psychiatric disorders, as well as the effects of alcohol, drugs or medication, which can be puzzled with chronic insomnia.‘The increased making capability from the Devens site will support marketplace demand for ORENCIA and positions us well for upcoming production of additional biologic medicines.’ Bristol-Myers Squibb currently manufactures its biologic medications in a company-owned service in Syracuse, NY and through alternative party suppliers, and deals and finishes them in Manati, Puerto Rico. The Syracuse site will remain an essential component of the business’s biologics strategy and can serve as a middle of excellence in procedure development and early product release for the company’s biologic medicines. ‘Bristol-Myers Squibb is focused on building a strong manufacturing capability to support our growing biologics portfolio, and Devens can be a key component of this plan,’ said Peter Moesta, senior vice president, Biologics Production and Process Development.

Aromatherapy helps smokers overcome nicotine addiction Nicotine addiction is normally complex, but a simple whiff of essential oils may help put cravings within their place.